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NMN Purification: Merging Nature, Science, and Innovation

Sunresin Technology | NMN Purification: Merging Nature, Science, and Innovation.
β-Nicotinamide Mononucleotide, or NMN, is not just any molecule. It's foundational to life, found in all living entities and foods like broccoli, cucumber, and edamame. In humans, NMN is vital for synthesizing NAD+, enhancing our physiological balance.
The growing interest in NMN from both the research community and various industries stems from its myriad of potential applications and profound benefits. From its role in DNA repair and stability to its promising anti-aging properties, NMN is emerging as a molecule of paramount importance in modern science and medicine.
As we delve deeper into the world of NMN and its potential, the challenge lies in harnessing its purity and efficacy. This is where advanced separation technology becomes indispensable. Join us as we explore our state-of-the-art separation solutions, designed to unlock the full potential of NMN for diverse applications.

The Broad Spectrum of NMN Benefits:

NMN is more than just a molecule; it's a beacon of hope in the realm of scientific research and medical applications. Its diverse benefits underscore its growing importance:
  • DNA Integrity and Cellular Health: At the cellular level, NMN plays a pivotal role in activating the PARPs pathway. Fully known as Poly ADP-Ribose Polymerases, these proteins are not just any proteins. They are guardians of our genetic code, dedicated to cellular DNA repair, ensuring genomic stability, and meticulously overseeing the process of programmed cell death.
  • A New Dawn in Anti-Aging Research: While the quest for the proverbial Fountain of Youth continues, NMN offers a promising avenue. It's not merely about external youthfulness; it's about holistic well-being. NMN's anti-aging properties extend beyond skin-deep, addressing the root causes of aging. It offers potential solutions to a spectrum of age-related conditions, from cardiovascular challenges like heart and brain ischemia to neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson's and Alzheimer's. Furthermore, its role in reversing fatty liver, mitigating renal tubular damage, and addressing metabolic conditions like type 2 diabetes and diet-induced obesity positions NMN as a transformative agent in health and wellness.
Numerous Benefits of NAD+ Supplementation to the Human Body

The Crucial Role of NAD+ in Cellular Health:

NAD+ (Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide) stands as a cornerstone in the complex framework of cellular health and metabolism. Its role is pivotal across a broad spectrum of biological processes, underscoring the critical importance of its presence and abundance.
  • Cellular Energy Production: At its core, NAD+ is a coenzyme that plays a pivotal role in cellular respiration. It assists in converting the food we eat into energy by participating in redox reactions, driving the production of ATP, the primary energy currency of the cell.
  • DNA Repair & Longevity: NAD+ is essential for the activation of PARPs (Poly ADP-Ribose Polymerases) and sirtuins, proteins that are instrumental in DNA repair and cellular longevity. A sufficient NAD+ level ensures that our cells can effectively combat DNA damage, a key factor in aging and various diseases.
  • Calcium Signaling & Cell Death: NAD+ influences calcium signaling within cells, a process vital for cell function and survival. It also plays a role in programmed cell death or apoptosis, ensuring that damaged or harmful cells do not proliferate.
  • Circadian Rhythm Regulation: NAD+ levels oscillate in a circadian manner, influencing our body's internal clock. This not only affects sleep patterns but also various metabolic processes.
NMN's Role in Elevating NAD+ Levels: Nicotinamide Mononucleotide (NMN) stands out as a direct precursor to NAD+. When NMN is introduced into the body, it undergoes a series of transformations, eventually converting into NAD+. This makes NMN a potential candidate for elevating NAD+ levels, especially in scenarios where natural NAD+ production or recycling might be compromised due to factors like aging, stress, or disease.
In essence, understanding the importance of NAD+ and the role NMN plays in its synthesis offers a window into the potential of targeted interventions for enhancing cellular health, combating age-related decline, and promoting overall well-being.

Unlocking NMN's Potential: Advanced Purification Solutions:

In the dynamic landscape of NMN extraction, achieving purity and efficiency is paramount. At Sunresin Technology, we've pioneered advanced purification methodologies to ensure NMN is harnessed to its fullest potential:
  • Versatile Production Methods: In the expansive field of NMN production, two primary techniques stand out: chemical synthesis and biosynthesis. While chemical synthesis promises high-purity NMN, it's often accompanied by intricate processes and elevated costs. Biosynthesis, on the other hand, capitalizes on enzymatic reactions, offering a cost-effective approach. However, it occasionally requires additional steps to achieve the desired purity levels.
  • Innovative Gel Chromatography: Our specialized Gel Chromatography stationary phase is a testament to our commitment to innovation. This method, rooted in ion exclusion principles, is not just an alternative but a groundbreaking advancement in NMN extraction. It offers a plethora of advantages, from significant energy savings and the elimination of acid-base regeneration to streamlined operational and wastewater management processes. Our approach is not just about meeting industry standards; it's about setting new benchmarks.
  • Precision and Efficiency: Our commitment to excellence is evident in the results. Beyond the efficient removal of impurities, our extraction process boasts an unparalleled recovery rate of over 95%. The durability of our chromatography resins, with a lifespan exceeding three years and minimal annual replenishment needs, ensures a solution that's both sustainable and economical.
  • Embracing Automation: In an era where precision and speed are vital, we've integrated full automation into our chromatography process. This not only leads to significant labor cost savings but also ensures consistent, high-quality results, meeting the diverse production needs of our clients.
At Sunresin Technology, we believe in the power of NMN and provide solutions that unlock its vast potential, ensuring it's accessible and beneficial for all.

Sunresin Technology SSMB Chromatography Separation Device: 

At the heart of our NMN separation expertise lies the SSMB Sequential Simulated Moving Bed Chromatography Device, a state-of-the-art instrument meticulously designed for unparalleled precision and efficiency. Here's a deeper dive into its capabilities:
  • Innovative Design: The SSMB device seamlessly integrates with the Monojet® series of uniform particle chromatography resins. This synergy allows for a harmonious blend of equipment and automation controls, emulating the dynamic movement of the stationary phase with unmatched accuracy.
  • Versatile Operational Modes: Equipped with advanced intermittent feeding and discharging capabilities, the SSMB device can be tailored to various sequences and operational modes. This flexibility ensures optimal separation conditions for diverse NMN production needs.
  • Dedicated Component Outlets: One of the standout features of the SSMB device is its dedicated outlets for individual components. This design ensures that each component is separated with the highest purity, reducing the risk of cross-contamination and enhancing overall yield.
  • Proven Track Record: Demonstrating its robust capabilities, the SSMB device has already made significant strides in the industry. It has been instrumental in the successful separation and purification of not just NMN but also sugar alcohols, amino acids, organic acids, pharmaceutical intermediates, and a wide range of other specialized products.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Recognizing the importance of ease-of-use, the SSMB device comes with an intuitive interface, allowing operators to monitor and adjust separation parameters in real-time. This ensures consistent results and swift troubleshooting, should the need arise.
  • Energy-Efficient Operations: In line with our commitment to sustainability, the SSMB device is designed for energy-efficient operations. Its advanced mechanisms reduce energy consumption without compromising on performance, making it an eco-friendly choice for NMN separation.
At Sunresin Technology, we believe that the right tools can make all the difference. The SSMB Chromatography Separation Device is not just a tool; it's a testament to our dedication to pushing the boundaries of NMN separation technology.

Real-World Efficiency: Demonstrating Precision in NMN Liquid Chromatography:

In a rapidly evolving industry, theoretical knowledge often needs to be validated with real-world applications. One such instance was when a leading biopharmaceutical company, renowned for its innovative research in cellular health, approached us with a unique challenge.
Client Background: The client, with a strong foothold in the nutraceutical sector, was keen on expanding its NMN product line. Their rigorous quality standards demanded an NMN purity that was unparalleled in the market.
The Challenge: The client presented us with an NMN liquid sample, post-enzymatic catalysis and nanofiltration concentration, which had an NMN content fluctuating between 85-115g/L. Their objective was clear-cut: utilize continuous chromatography equipment to achieve separation and purification, aiming for an NMN purity in the extracted liquid that exceeded 99.5%.
Our Approach: Leveraging our proprietary gel-type chromatography resin and the advanced capabilities of the SSMB device, we initiated a pilot experiment tailored to the client's specifications.
The Outcome: Once our equipment was calibrated and reached optimal operation, we not only met but exceeded the client's purity expectations. The final product showcased an NMN purity greater than 99.5%, coupled with an impressive recovery rate of over 95%.
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At the heart of our NMN separation expertise lies the SSMB Sequential Simulated Moving Bed Chromatography Device, a state-of-the-art instrument meticulously designed for unparalleled precision and efficiency. we believe that the right tools can make all the difference.
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